Dear Friends of Camera Tek

We are all aware of the challenges that face us in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. On 23 March 2020 President Ramaphosa informed us that a nation-wide lockdown will be enacted in terms of the Disaster Management Act, from midnight on 26 March 2020 until midnight on 16 April 2020.

All non-essential businesses are required to close to ensure everyone remains at home, in an effort to reduce the spread of this virus. Our business is considered non-essential and therefore we will be closing over this period.

The only part of our business that will remain available during this time through remote operations will be,

The Canon Technical Helpdesk is available for technical support from Monday to Friday 08:00 till 16:30  Contact us on 0800 21 22 50 or Email 

Alternatively use or contact form

Our online store will still be open, you can place orders, but we will only be able to ship orders after the shutdown has ended.

Outstanding go-aheads for repairs can still be processed and go aheads will be prioritized once we return for repair tracking and queries please use our online platform

If we all work together in following our President's instruction we can hopefully reduce the impact of the pandemic on all our lives and return to some form of normality in a reasonable time frame. Thank you for your understanding and we will see you once this is over.

Our company wishes you and your loved ones the best of health.

Yours faithfully,

Camera Tek

March 26, 2020 — Cameratek Admin