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Camera tek is an Authorised Service and Repair centre for

Canon Video/Photo | Kamakura Binoculars | Hahnel Modus Speedlights | Pentax-Ricoh Photographic & Binoculars.

We assist with Under Warranty and Out of Warranty Repair Services across South Africa.

Our technicians are factory trained and have attended overseas training at various centres in countries including Belgium, Italy, Japan, England, Holland, Germany, and Russia. Our workshop managers alone have a combined total camera repair experience of over 71 years. We are more than capable of performing any work required to meet and exceed your expectations. This makes us the perfect choice to repair your equipment.

We guarantee quality and precision. This is why brands trust us, and why our customers come back time after time.

From the shutter speed to the calibration of the sensors, we examine every aspect of your camera to make sure each component is in perfect working order. Through a series of tests, we can diagnose and correct any fault, such as lens clarity, focal distortion, chromatic aberration, and CMOS alignment.

Only Authorised Repairers have access to the high-level technology required to bring your gear up to standard.

All our repairs come with a 3 Month Workshop Warranty.


Warranty & Non Warranty Repair

Trusted Since 1986

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Sensor Cleaning

Due to the climatic conditions in South Africa, Digital SLR users often find themselves in need of a sensor blowout to remove those irritating dust particles that find their way into your DSLR and onto your camera’s sensor, resulting in spots appearing in your pictures. Your camera's sensor will need cleaning as part of routine maintenance to ensure that your images are captured perfectly. Normal use of your camera and changing lenses will allow dust ingress.

We offer a sensor clean that is a sensor and mirror box housing blowout. With test pictures taken and digitally analysed to confirm the success of the sensor blowout. (can be done while you wait),

This sensor clean is only suitable for DSLR’s that are in a relatively clean condition, where you are experiencing problems with only a handful of spots appearing on your pics.

Service Turnaround time
Camera Tek Randburg - While you wait.
Camera Tek Durban - Next day service.  Full Frame camera's will be sent to our Randburg branch for cleaning.
* Full Frame camera's will be sent to our Randburg branch for cleaning.
Mail or (031) 566 6669 


📍 226 Harry Sneech Road , Strijdom Park Randburg 2169.

📞 011 251 2400


Monday to Friday : 08:00 AM - 16:30 PM

Saturday : Closed

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📍 1 Torsvale Crescent, La Lucia Office Estate, La Lucia Ridge, Umhlanga, 4319. Office 2B

📞 031 566 6669


Monday to Friday: 08:00 AM -16:00 PM

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