Dear Friends of Cameratek

As you know, the pandemic called Corona Virus or Covid-19 is sweeping through our country at a rapid pace.

We at Cameratek are deeply committed to the safety of our customers and staff and have therefore implemented several initiatives
to ensure that visiting our premises is safe and convenient.

These include :

Providing our staff with ample sanitizing material for disinfecting on a regular basis.
Ensuring that our staff workstations and retail space are sanitized on a regular basis.
Providing hand sanitizers for our clients to use as they enter our premises.

For customers who prefer not to visit public locations, we have also set up measures to assist you.

We are able to do collections and deliveries of equipment in the greater JHB and PTA areas (at a nominal fee).

We can arrange courier services for those outside the collection and delivery areas (at a nominal fee).

We have an extensive and efficient online store for those who wish to make purchases without coming in.

At Cameratek, safety is our main concern. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.Β 

Send us a message or call
JHB (011) 251 2400
DBN (031) 566 6669