Q Which brands of camera do we repair?
A We are the official repair agents for Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Hahnel Flashes and Kamakura binoculars. These are the brands we work on.

Q How long is the guarantee period for our repairs?
A CameraTek give a 3 month guarantee on the repair, starting from date of dispatch to private customer or shop or from date of collection from our shop.

Q Does CameraTek have a minimum charge / inspection fee / quote rejection fee?
A Yes, it is R250 incl VAT for all non-Pro equipment, for Pro equipment there is a R399.00 Incl VAT,inspection/quote rejection fee.

Q What is Pro Equipment?
A All Canon L series lenses, Canon EOS 1,5 and 6 range of bodies, Pentax K5, K3 and similar bodies. All Pro Video Equipment.

Q Does CameraTek take any deposit on receiving camera's?
A Yes, we take in a R250 deposit when receiving non-warranty repairs. This deposit will come off the total quote amount if accepted and if rejected, this deposit will go towards an inspection fee.

Q Does the quote amount include any postage or insurance fees?
A No it does not unless specified by the customer.

Q How does the customer send their faulty equipment to CameraTek?
A You can either courier directly to our physical address or post to our postal address. Details can be found on our website.

Q What do I send in with my equipment?
A Please download and print the service repair form, fill it in and send in with your equipment that needs a service or repair.

Q How long does it take to get a quote?
A We aim to get a quote to the customer within 24 hours (1 working day)

Q How long does it take for the repair to be done?
A We aim to complete the repair in 4-6 working days from date of go-ahead (subject to spares availability or from date of receipt for warranty repairs). This does not apply to Pro equipment.
Q Who do I call or ask for if I have a problem with the functionality of my Canon video camera or Canon digital camera?
A You can call the Canon photo / video technical helpdesk at Camera Tek on 0800 21 22 50 for assistance.

Q Who do I call if I have a problem with downloading and software related issues of my Canon video camera or Canon digital camera?
A You can call the Canon photo / video technical helpdesk at Camera Tek on 0800 21 22 50 for assistance.

Q Why do I need to pay for my quote in full in order to give my go-ahead on a quote?
A This is to prevent our repair system from getting clogged up with repairs that customers have no intention of coming to collect on completion. It ensures that those customers that are serious about getting their equipment repaired are given priority service.

Q How do I give a go-ahead on my quotation?
A You will have been sent a quote by email, SMS or fax depending on your preferred means of communication selection. You will need to make full payment of your quote amount (less your original R250 deposit) into out bank account. Then you will reply to your sent quote, stating that you give a go-ahead and you will also need to send us a copy of your proof of full payment. Only once we have received both the quote go-ahead in writing and your confirmation of payment, can we accept it as a go-ahead. 

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