Cameratek is a Canon Video/Photo, Pentax-Ricoh photographic products and binoculars, Samsung mobile, Kamakura binoculars, and Hahnel Modus speedlights Authorized Repair Centre providing Under Warranty and Out of Warranty  Repair Services across South Africa.

Our technicians are factory trained and have attended overseas training at various centers in countries including Belgium, Italy, Japan, England, Holland, Germany, and Russia. Our workshop managers alone have a combined total camera repair experience of over 71 years. We are more than capable of performing any work required to meet and exceed your expectations. This makes us the perfect choice to repair your equipment.

Only Authorised Repairers have access to the high-level technology required to bring your gear up to standard.

From the shutter speed to the calibration of the sensors, we examine every aspect of your camera to make sure each component is in perfect working order. Through a series of tests, we can diagnose and correct any fault, such as lens clarity, focal distortion, chromatic aberration, and CMOS alignment.

We guarantee quality and precision. This is why brands trust us, and why our customers come back time after time.

Visit your closest branch today for outstanding service you can trust. 

All repairs come with a 3 Month warranty unless specified.

For clients wishing to courier there gear to there nearest repair centre please view our FAQ page.