Canon XC15 4K Professional Camcorder (Pal)

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By Canon

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  • 1" CMOS Sensor and DIGIC DV 5 Processor
  • UHD 4K at up to 25 fps
  • Integrated f/2.8-5.6/8.9-89mm Zoom Lens
  • XLR Audio Input & MA-400 Mic Adapter
  • 24p Mode for 4K and 1080p Video
  • Cold-shoe with browser remote and browser preview: Connect to the camera via a computer or smartphone browser.
  • Hotshoe for mounting Speedlites, external microphones, and other accessories.
  • DiGIC DV5 processor
  • XF-AVC Codec
  • AVC Long GOP
  • CFast and SD card recording: 4K records to CFast and Full HD, HD and pictures records to SD.

The Canon XC15 is a professional 4K camcorder and the follow-up to the popular XC10. The XC 15 features a form-factor that makes it large enough to fully operate, but small enough to use with one-hand and to fit in a compact bag. The camera features an intuitive interface and layout, making operation effortless. The ease of use, compact size, 4K video, 35mm equivalent 27.3-273mm wide-angle zoom lens, and XLR audio support makes this the perfect camera for YouTubers, vloggers, or individuals new to videography. The XC15 implements many new features and fine-tweaks over it predecessor, these include: XLR audio, a waveform monitor, revised gamma settings including Canon Log, faster autofocus, and flicker-reducing shutter speeds.