GoPro El Grandé Extension Pole

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R 795.00
By Gopro


Go BIG with the GoPro El Grandé Extension Pole

GoPro has jumped on the bandwagon! Some may call it the GoPro Extension Pole; others call it the GoPro Selfie Stick… we’re thinking, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

With its integrated ball-and-socket design and the end of the GoPro  El Grandé Extension Pole, you can easily make adjustments and swivel your GoPro camera 360º without having to stop and dismount your camera.

GoPro Extension Pole?
Made from aluminium will take you higher than ever before. This GoPro mount can extend up to 97cm, which means you can get in closer to the action and explore new angles with your GoPro camera, and collapses to a compact 38cm for quick and easy storage. 

GoPro Selfie Stick?
Attach your GoPro camera to the end of this GoPro accessory and you’ll be able to tower above the crowd and capture life from above. Or take selfies of you and your mates living life to the fullest.

So whether you use it as a selfie stick, extension pole or back scratcher, this is one heck of an accessory to add to your wish list.


  • Extends to 97cm and collapses to 38cm
  • Integrated ball-and-socket design
  • 360º swivel
  • Large, comfortable grip
  • Twist-lock design for quick and easy use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof