Rollei 60mm Solid Glass Lens Ball for Smartphone Photography

SKU: 22668
R 750.00


Be creative with the funky Rollei Lens Ball – 60mm Solid Glass Ball for Smartphone Photography and even for your DSLM and DSLR cameras, allows you to photograph inverted mirror images that are sharp and crystal clear with a 180-degree sphere view without any air lock or bubbles. This 60mm Solid Glass Lens Ball is ideal when photographing landscapes, street photography, architecture photography and many more with a focal length of anything between 24 and 35mm to focus on the subject in the glass sphere, maximum exposure time of 1/250 – 2/125 and iris of f/2.8 to achieve a typical low depth of field.

Additionally, a microfibre cloth has been included to always keep the solid glass lens ball clean before making use of it and a storage bag to protect it from getting damaged.

  • Clear and transparent solid glass
  • New perspectives for landscape photography, architecture photography, street photography and many more
  • Ideal for clear and sharp reflections
  • Especially suitable for smartphones
  • Without any air lock or bubbles and striation-free