Online Shop Pricing Policy:

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of pricing and product information on our website. However, instances can arise in which a product(s) are priced incorrectly on our website or where the product information supplied is inaccurate. Camera Tek will not be held bound by the incorrect price(s) in cases where such error(s) occur. Camera Tek cannot guarantee that the price at which an item is Pre-Ordered will be the price at which the goods will be sold once stock has landed in South Africa. This is due to fluctuations in exchange rates and consequent variances in our local suppliers’ pricing, as well as other factors out of Camera Tek’s control. In such instances Camera Tek will either refund the customer the price paid or charge the difference in price to the customer should the customer still wish to purchase the product(s).

Camera Tek will not be held responsible for errors in the product information supplied on the website.