Area51 Dolce USB 3.0 A to USB 3.0 A Female Extension Tether Cable 4.6m

R 815.00


The Black Ops Collection


  • Intended to boost and regenerate data signals, ensuring full superspeeds be maintained at much longer lengths.
  • Backwards compatible with all previous USB A Type versions and any USB A Type equipped device. 
  • Performs seamlessly with all compatible Area51 Tether Co. cables
  • Commonly paired with Aurora+ USB Micro-B Right Angle to USB 3.0 Tether Cable 4.6m

The Black Ops Collection features an even thicker, extra durable insulation and premium tight-fitting connectors for fast, secure and stable connections. Our cables are put through extensive months of vigorous high-pressure stress testing in the field, with "on-the-ground" digital techs and top photographers. The Black Ops Collection is a fine selection of our premium core cables.