Area51 Los Alamos USB-C Right Angle Male to USB-C Male Tether Cable 9.5m Camera tek


Area51 Los Alamos USB-C Right Angle Male to USB-C Male Tether Cable 9.5m

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Area51 Los Alamos USB-C Right Angle Male to USB-C Male Tether Cable 9.5m

The Red Orbs Collection

  • Extra-long length to go further distances without needing to use additional multiple cables or extensions.
  • Right Angle design to ensure a stable tether connection.

Computer-end must be plugged in first, then the camera. 

Not intended and not recommended to combine or use any additional tether extension cable with Los Alamos.


Compatible with any camera using a USB Micro - B port including, but not limited to;


  • SONY A7R4
  • NIKON Z6
  • NIKON Z7
  • LUMIX S1
  • LUMIX S1R 
  • CANON R5 **must use Canon firmware 1.4.0 or higher**
  • Fuji GFX 100**


**PLEASE NOTE: The FUJI GFX use USB PD (power delivery) over USB-C. This cable was designed for the power draw and transfer of the Sony cameras. Newer cameras such as, but not limited to Fuji GFX  attempt to draw power to charge the camera battery and need additional power to be inserted into 1 of 2 active boosters before the camera is tethered/turned on and connected to Capture One.


Recommend Steps; 

1. Unplug from the computer

2. Turn the camera off

3. Insert the Micro USB 5V power cable into the active chipset with AC or 5V battery

4. Turn the camera on 

5. Plug into the computer 


The Red Orbs Collection features premium gold plated, tight-fitting connectors, superior insulation, high-quality TPE outer jacket, and dual integrated repeaters for high-speed capture. Our cables are put through extensive months of vigorous high-pressure stress testing in the field, with "on-the-ground" digital techs and top photographers. With over eight months of development and many prototype edits, only then do we release what we feel is the most sophisticated product for our customers. The Red Orbs Collection is a selection of our finest, exclusively designed cables that have been a process of dedication, hard work, innovation, and development to bring you tether cables unique to the category.