Beston Super Star Essential Vlogging Kit

R 795.00
By Beston

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The Kit Included: Mini Tripod Mic Led Mobile Holder The Superstar Essential Vlogging Kit features a 50 LED compact video light efficient for your photography and videography needs. A shotgun microphone that runs up to 800 hours of recording time, so you never have to worry about running out of audio in the middle of your shoot. A multipurpose tripod that features a removable built-in wireless remote and a smartphone/action camera holder along with a bracket that helps to mount all of the items included in this kit, so you can connect your phone or camera, this is your complete video blogging solution. LED Video Light: Compact rechargeable light uses 50 LEDs to illuminate your video shoot. 3 colour diffusers are included to create the perfect lighting effect. Compact Shotgun Mic: The 3.5mm microphone compatibility is built to enhance your Smartphone audio. Tabletop tripod: The tripod includes a Smartphone mount, Action Camera mount and Bluetooth remote, so you can stream your live videos from anywhere up to a maximum of 30ft distance. The right angle bracket re-inforces the entire kit by helping you attached all at once, mount your light, microphone and smartphone all at once, so not only you get the lighting needed, but also the necessary audio to make your videos