Canon CA-110E Power Adapter Camera tek
Canon CA-110E Power Adapter Camera tek


Canon CA-110E Power Adapter

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The Canon CA-110 Compact AC Power Adapter & Charger is a the same model that ships with many Canon VIXIA camcorders. It can be used as a replacement or additional unit. It powers the camera when the camera battery is not installed, and charges the battery when the battery is installed. It's also compatible with Canon's CT-V1 Wireless Pan Cradle.


For Canon VIXIA Camcorders:
VIXIA HF M50, M52, M500
VIXIA HF R20, R21, R30, R32, R40, R42, R52, R60, R62, R70, R72, R200, R300, R400, R500
VIXIA mini, mini X