Duracell Canon BP-808 Camera tek
Duracell Canon BP-808 Camera tek


Duracell Canon BP-808

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A generic spare or replacement for Replaces Canon BP-808 | 7.4v 1020mAh | Lithium-ion Battery Chemistry | 2 Year Warranty

Note: Not compatible with Canon FS200

Compatible with: Selected Canon Models

Canon FS-10, FS-100, FS-11,FS-200, FS-21, FS-22, FS-305, FS-306, FS-307, FS-36, FS-37
Canon HF-20, HF-200
Canon HF-M30, HF-M300 HF-M306, HF-M31, HF-M36
Canon HF-S10, HF-S11, HF-S20, HF-S21, HF-S100, HF-S200

Note: Not compatible with Canon FS200

Duracell digital camera and camcorder batteries are built to the highest possible standards - something you would expect from such a respected brand. The Duracell multi-fit camera battery provides long-lasting lithium-ion power for a range of camera makes and models. Great quality batteries allow for hundreds of photos or video clips to be captured on a single charge. This high-quality Duracell original camera battery will see you up and running again in no time at all. It is worth noting that lithium-ion batteries start to perform at their best after at least 3 use and recharge cycles.

Duracell camera and camcorder batteries aim to deliver equivalent or better performance when compared to the manufacturers original. Each battery has a 2-year limited warranty, protecting you whatever happens and providing complete peace of mind. This replacement battery is a genuine Duracell product.