Eufy Cam Indoor 2K TWIN KIT + 2 x Micro SD 32GB Bundle Camera tek


Eufy Cam Indoor 2K TWIN KIT + 2 x Micro SD 32GB Bundle

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Elevate your home security with 'Follows the Action' camera. Automatically track moving objects in a 360-degree view. Enjoy privacy with local storage, accessible securely anywhere. Communicate in real-time with two-way audio, customize alerts with Activity Zones, and get instant notifications. No monthly fees, no strings attached. Experience smart surveillance with enhanced privacy and security.

Key Features:
Relevant Recordings: The on-device AI determines whether a human or pet is present and only records when an event of interest occurs.
The Key is in the Detail: View every event in up to 2K clarity (1080P while using HomeKit) so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.
Smart Integration: Connect your Indoor Cam to Apple HomeKit (Please download our HomeKit User Guide in the product information section below), the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance.
Follows the Action: When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object. Pan the lens 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to get a clear view of the whole room.
Communicate From Your Camera: Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.