Godox 60 X 60cm Softbox Diffuser + Grid with S2-type Bracket Bowens Mount (SGGV6060)

SKU: 6952344218648
R 1,295.00
By Godox


Designed for photographers who like to travel light, the S-Type Bowens Mount Flash Bracket with Softbox and Grid Kit from Godox includes a compact tool for adapting the output of your Speedlight. You can attach most brands of flashes onto the back of the bracket either horizontally or vertically, using a knob at the top to adjust the fit. At the front, a Bowens type speed ring allows you to mount several optional accessories such as barn doors or snoots to shape and control your light.

The Godox SGGV6060 Soft Box with B2 Bracket and the grid is compatible with the AD200 Pro, V1 series, TT350 series, TT685 series, V860 series and the AD400 pro.

  • S-type bracket that can adapt most flashes for accepting Bowens-mount accessories
  • A knob on the back adjusts fit for Speedlight, can mount the unit horizontally or vertically
  • Tilts 90° both ways for easy position adjustment
  • A dedicated hole for an optional umbrella allows for  bounce or shoot-through uses