Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional softbox Witstro

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R 699.00
By Godox


GODOX AD-S7 Umbrella Style Softbox, Diffuser, Beauty Dish, Grid for AD200 and AD200Pro.

This beautifully designed, portable softbox opens and folds up like an umbrella. It has multiple uses and can function as a diffused softbox, a beauty dish, or a gridded softbox.

The Godox AD-S7 helps produce soft and even illumination, as well as an attractive catch light in the eyes.
Includes a silver-lined softbox, beauty dish deflector, diffusion cover, and gridded cover. Attaches straight onto the AD200 and AD200PRO.

Model: AD-S7
Diameter: 48cm (19 inches)
Weight: 280g

What's in the Box
1 x Silver-Lined Softbox
1 x Beauty Dish Deflector
1 x Diffusion Cover
1 x Gridded Cover
(Godox AD200/AD200Pro not included)