Godox RH-01 Reflector Arm Holder Boom Camera tek


Godox RH-01 Reflector Arm Holder Boom

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Discover the world of photography on your own terms with the Godox RH-01 Reflector Mounting Arm. Step into a realm where you have full control over lighting and artistic expression, all backed by unwavering support.

Allow us to introduce you to the Godox RH-01, a versatile reflector holder equipped with a telescopic arm that empowers your photography endeavors. This innovative accessory seamlessly attaches a variety of photographic reflectors to light stands, granting you the ability to shape and manipulate light according to your creative vision. With an adjustable telescopic arm ranging from 65 cm to an impressive 175 cm, you'll enjoy unmatched flexibility in your lighting setup.

The Godox RH-01 eliminates the need for an assistant in the studio, giving you the confidence to use reflectors independently. Its wide arm span ensures precise positioning for optimal results. Additionally, this mounting arm features a robust light stand handle, providing a stable foundation for your creative work. Adjust the tilt angle to sculpt light precisely as you desire, bringing your creative concepts to life.

In the Package:

  • Godox RH-01 Reflector Mounting Arm

Key features: 

  • Adjustable from 65 cm to 175 cm
  • Tripod diameters 18-27 mm
  • Allows independent use of reflectors in the studio
  • Telescopic arm spans from 65 to 175 cm