Godox VSM-H02 Cold Shoe Extension Bar

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R 399.00
By Godox


Mount a number of devices such as microphones, Litemons lamps, and many others on the camera shoe and create a fully professional film set.

With the Godox VSM-H02 Cold Shoe Extension Bar, you can mount a series of Cold Shoe accessories such as the audio systems or Litemons lights onto your camera or smartphone clip. It is the glue that holds together an amazing setup.

The VSM-H02 is a perfect choice if you want the simplest setup. Due to the fact that the mounts are close to the axis, everything stays firm and close to your camera, while saving a lot of space. There is one threaded hole on the top of the Extension Bar and another on the bottom, offering up the use of a few more creative applications.

  • 2 Cold Shoe mounts allow attachments of small LED Lights, Mics, and Other accessories with a shoe mount.
  • 2 x 1/4 Thread Attachment allowing to it be mounted on tripods and other 1/4
  • thread mounts
  • Small Angled cold shoe attachment allowing for smaller footprint
  • Edge Stopper
  • 60mm in size