Godox XT32C Wireless Power-Control Flash Trigger for Canon Cameras

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R 1,195.00
By Godox


The portable Godox XT32C Wireless Power-Control Flash Trigger is another powerful device that belongs to the 2.4G wireless X radio system, with an impressive 100m working range. Enables you to have full control over all compatible Canon flashes and receivers such as the XTR-16, and also access 32 channels and 16 groups to avoid interferences. With compatibility to Canon cameras, it offers functions such as high-speed sync of 1/8000s, AF assist, modelling lamp control, setting custom function and many more. it has an LCD panel for easily viewing and changing these settings. For even more functionality, it has a PC sync terminal which can be set as either an input or an output and it has a micro-USB port for firmware updates. Additionally, the device operates on two AA batteries.

  • Works with X Wireless Radio System
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Range: 100m
  • 32 Channels; 16 Groups
  • Remote Power Control for Select Flashes