GP Recyko+Pro charger & 4x2000NIMH Camera tek
GP Recyko+Pro charger & 4x2000NIMH Camera tek


GP Recyko+Pro charger & 4x2000NIMH

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Save money, safe charging, and easy handling. The STANDARD range of GP PowerBanks offers an economical solution to charge in all batteries sizes. Whether you need to charge AAA, AA, C, D or 9V batteries, all GP PowerBanks are simple and convenient to use; just put in your batteries and leave it charging overnight. The automatic timer control guarantees a safe charging process after which you can take your charged batteries out when needed.

  • GP Powerbank 420
  • Overnight safe charging
  • Battery charging status
  • Two charging channels can charge 2 or 4 pcs NiMH AA or AAA batteries
  • Includes 4 Recyko AA 2100Mah Batteries