Jenova Professional Niagra Series DSLR Backpack - Medium

SKU: 6901426812489
R 1,995.00

Manufactured from water-resistant and durable Nylon, it has a remarkably smooth texture, it, therefore, is not abrasive and does not collect dirt and lint.
The Niagara series are extremely strong and double coated to provide superior water resistance. Jenova has been manufacturing quality products for the past 20 years and is well recognized throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia


Size: 25 x 12 x 37cm

Capacity: 1-2 Professional DSLR's, 2-4 Lenses, flash, and accessories as well as a 15-inch laptop

The ergonomic shoulder and waist support straps
Multiple pockets for numerous accessories

All-Weather rain cover included

Innovative Tripod carrying system

15 mm padded sides and compartment partitions that can be configured to your individual needs