SKU: KF13.098V1
R 2,495.00
By K&F

A fantastic professional outdoor camera bag with a capacity of 28 liters, upper and lower storage compartments perfect for one camera with multiple lenses due easily accessible from the front opening.
Use brand-new 1000D Kenila material, waterproof grade 5, with rain cover.
The two upper and lower EVA compression moulded shells on the front panel are strong, durable and impact resistant. The upper and lower compartments are divided into bins, the lower bin is the camera bin, the upper bin is the item bin (clothes, drones, etc.), and the top bin is the battery, memory card, and data cable bin. The upper and lower warehouses can be separated or communicated with each other, and the lower warehouse equipment warehouse can be assembled by DIY.
The external hanging system can carry a 50cm tripod, which can be carried on both shoulders or by one hand. The carrying system can support people of different body shapes. The center of gravity adjustment belt can effectively reduce the weight-bearing feeling, ventilation and heat dissipation. The strap can adjust the chest buckle up and down to effectively tighten the contact with the body. In addition, the silicone handle can be carried by one.
The mouth of the bag is designed with a cable mouth and double buckle for anti-theft. Multi-compartment, 15.6-inch laptop, 11-inch iPad, mobile phones, digital product chargers are separated from wires, wet and dry clothes. SBS zipper and pull ring design, durable and easy to operate. There is a trolley strap that can be inserted into the suitcase.