Kenko 67mm RealPro ND4 Filter Camera tek


Kenko 67mm RealPro ND4 Filter

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KENKO Real Pro ND4 Filter for portrait shooting in over lighted conditions using cameras with shutter speed limitation less then 1/4000sec to achieve shallow depth of field and take advantage of fast prime lenses.

The KENKO Real Pro ND4 Filter decreases the amount of light entering the camera lens. This allows to shoot with wide open diaphragm even in shiny day to achieve shallow depth of field.

Neutral Density filters are the most commonly used along with C-PL and UV filters. These filters, instead of the ones that protect the lens from damage or UV pollution, were created to decrease the volume of the light entering the lens. True ND filters decrease light equally to achieve the same density through the all visual spectrum giving no changes in color balance of the image. That is why the called Neutral Density.


  • Brand: Kenko
  • Series: REALPRO
  • Type: Neutral Density Filter
  • Glass: Optical
  • Light Transmittance: 12.5% / 3 stops