Kenko LCD Protector for EOS 100D Camera tek


Kenko LCD Protector for EOS 100D

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Kenko LCD Monitor Protection Film are comprised of multiple layers to give the best screen protection as well as the best enhanced viewing of the LCD.

The layers consist of: 
  1. Anti-smudging top coating to reduce finger-prints 
  2. AR Anti-reflection coating to enhance viewing in lighting conditions such as bright sunlight were reflections can be problem for LCD viewing 
  3. Core hard coating layer to protect the LCD from scratches 
  4. Base film 
  5. Adhesive laying to attach to the LCD 

The Kenko LCD Monitor Protection Film comes in many different sizes match to todays most popular digital SLR cameras and some high-end point and shoot digital cameras as well. The camera type is shown prominently on the packing. Many come with a protector for the main LCD on the back of the camera and a second fitted smaller protector if the model of camera has a second LCD control panel.