Manfrotto MH804-3W MKII Head

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Manfrotto’s 3-way heads are the best choice when controlling the camera position with a good level of precision is required – such as macro-photography, still-life and art photography, when it’s necessary to pay maximum attention to the image composition. The possibility to independently control the movement in three different directions (front tilt, side tilt and pan) allows you to precisely set the position of the camera in all situations.

The MH804-3W is the updated version of Manfrotto's classic 804RC2. This three-way photo head is constructed from ultra durable and lightweight Adapto technical polymer. It is also very compact thanks to the new retractable levers, with ergonomic rubber handles – making it easier to transport and carry. This new patented 804 has a unique spring feature to assist in the tilt motion of the head to compensate for heavier, off-centre loads. Moreover the standard quick release plate fits snugly in the low-profile receiver and the levelling bubble allows precise framing and composition.

Head height: 12cm
Weight: 0.75kg
Maximum load: 4kg
Included plate: 200LT-PL
Pan: 360°
Frontal tilt: -30°+90°
Lateral tilt: -30°+90°
Suggested tripods: 190 series, 290 series