Marumi 82mm ND1000 DHG Super Lens Filter

SKU: 4957638088145
R 1,495.00


The Marumi ND 1000 (3.0) reduces the light amount to 1/1000 which is equivalent to 10 stops. The high density will support photographers who are willing to capture long exposure images during the daytime. In addition, the DHG Super ND 1000 (3.0) has Water and Oil Repellent Coating to make it comfortable to shoot around the waterside.

Key features:

  • Low Reflection Coating – to avoid ghosting & flare
  • Blackened Outer Rim of the Glass – to prevent internal reflections
  • Satin Finish – to prevent internal reflections
  • Knurling on the frame – for easy use
  • Slim Frame – to avoid vignetting
  • Water & Oil Repellent Coating