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HPH Publishingpresents the brand-new Pilanesberg Self-Drive. Its much-lauded trademark route ratings, maps and historical detail are just some of the elements that have made its predecessors, bestsellers Kruger Self-Driveand Kgalagadi Self-Drive, so very popular.

The book is designed to make enjoying the Pilanesberg Game Reserve to best advantage an absolute breeze. The tips are well thought- out, and concise yet informative. Even the experienced Pilanesberg lover will learn new information about this fascinating park, its vibrant past, and how best to travel it today.

As with all books, it features the beautiful images of award-winning photographers Heinrich van den Berg and Philip and Ingrid van den Berg. The splendour of these images will be appreciated by longtime fans of the van den bergs and surely draw in a new following opf inspired readers.

Pilanesberg Self-Drive- another book for all who love wild places. 

Author Biographies

Philip and Ingrid van den Berg have been visiting the Park on a regular basis since the early seventies. They have seen the Park in green and grey years; experienced the growth in tourism and rejoiced in the many new developments. Over the years they noticed the changes in visitors’ attitudes – simply ticking off names on a tick list is no longer enough. People want to know more, share more, understand better. The urge to capture special moments and the magnificent wildlife on digital devices is increasing. Local and international photographers now make the Kgalagadi one of their preferred destinations. Visitors no longer want to merely see, but also wish to understand and experience the “big picture”.

Ingrid was responsible for the embroidery of the pattern – doing further research and writing the text. With her B.Sc. (Honors - Zoology) degree, which includes Botany and Entomology, she was well-equipped for this. Both Philip and Ingrid contributed their photography. Philip ran the library and ensured that the pictures were selected, edited and at hand. With his extensive nature knowledge, he checked the text and provided excellent input. His background in Environmental Education, for most of his professional career, was invaluable.

Heinrich van den Berg owns HPH Publishing (www.hphpublishing.co.za). He has successfully published over 30 books with the involvement of Philip and Ingrid. He has chosen a life as professional wildlife photographer, film-maker and publisher, enjoys creative writing, and offers photography workshops.

SIZE: 220mm x 280mm, hard cover

PAGES: 336