Selens 85cm Black-Silver Deep Parabolic Umbrella Softbox

SKU: 711087
R 2,149.00
By Selens


The Selens 85cm parabolic deep softbox is commonly used in advertisements, movies, portrait photography, etc. A key feature of the new Selens parabolic softbox is the quick release umbrella frame without any time-consuming task of the 16-rib assembling. The deep parabolic softbox comes with its own speed ring of Bowens Mount, and it provides the options of the internal and external removable diffusion panels, easily and quickly attached with velcro. 

  • Bowens Mount
  • Tough Bowensspeed ring and other mount sold separately
  • Quick-release umbrella frame without any assembling
  • Large parabolic-shaped softbox yields a more focused beam
  • The internal and external removable diffuser
  • Deep design, 16 sided-fiber rods
  • Removable internal and external diffusers
  • To fit advertisements, movies, portrait photography, etc.
  • Carrying bag included