SLIK AF2100 Trigger Ball Head

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The SLIK AF 2100 trigger design ball head can take ease of photographing on a tripod to a new level. The key is in the trigger handle. It has an over sized trigger release that you squeeze to release and freely move the head.

A tripod head that gives you the feeling of HAND HELD Left hand on the grip, and right hand on the shutter button. Squeeze the trigger to move the camera freely, and let go to lock in.

Panoramic shots are easy. Push the little grey switch up, and the camera platform rotates freely. Push down and it's locked. Vertical shots are easy. Just tilt the cut out towards the center ball axis. Winner, Japan Ministry Trade and Industry "Good Design" (G-Mark) award and also, "Long Life" award.

Platform Diameter: 55mm
Bottom Diameter: 55mm
Height: 140mm
Weight: 870g
Camera Mounting Screw: U1/4 (U3/8 Option)
Tripod Mounting Screw: U1/4 or U3/8
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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