Slik Pro 330DX Video Tripod

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R 4,295.00

Slik Pro 330DX Video Tripod with 3-Way Panhead 

What's in the box?
- Slik Pro 330DX Tripod Video Tripod with 3-Way Panhead (Quick Release) - Supports 6.63 lb (3 kg)
- Quick Release Plate

SLIK’s PRO 330 Video comes with newly desgined SVH-500 Fluid Video Pan & Tilt Head. This head is a smooth-moving fluid effect 2-way pan head. This head is specifically designed for video and sports optics use. The 2-way pan head provide adequate amount of “counter balance force” while tilting the camera, it provides smooth tilt movement and prevent sudden shake when tilt lock brake is released.

The 3 leg sections means the tripod folds down to 620mm in length making it an easy traveler while fully extended it can reach up to over 1,600mm. The SLIK PRO 330DX also makes setting up easy with secure, speed-release leg locks. Padded leg wraps make the tripod more comfortable to carry. A gearless center column and 3-position, adjustable angle leg locks allow easy set-up on uneven ground or steps.

Key Features:
- Quick acting flip locks
- Tension controlled rapid sliding center column
- Multidirectional quick release plate
- 3-Position leg locks allow for leg openings of independent angles