Vanguard Start SO 26 Binocular Shoulder Bag

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R 750.00

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The VESTA START SO 26 is designed to be a lightweight shoulder bag that you can use to carry your binoculars with you, alongside personal essentials, accessories and a tablet.

  • VESTA LINK - match and use with VESTA Binoculars (or any other binoculars up to 42mm lenses)
  • Quick-action – full top zipper access, opens away from your body
  • ‘Magic’ pocket – easy and discreet rapid external access to your binoculars
  • Well organized - dedicated pockets for various sized optical devices
  • No fumbling - light colored interior makes finding things easy
  • Always protected - well-padded all round
  • Incognito - no one need know this is a gear bag
  • Keep dry - total coverage rain cover