SIRUI PB-10 Multiaxial Panoramic Head

SKU: PB-10
R 3,450.00
By Sirui

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The Sirui PB-10 multiaxial panoramic head makes professional panoramas a breeze. The PB-10 features three independently adjustable arms that allow placing the lens at the axis of rotation. Horizontal and vertical rotation of the camera around the nodal point is possible, resulting in parallax-free and distortion-free images.Multi-line, cylindrical and spherical panoramas require a nodal point adapter. Sirui attaches importance to the details: Scales for each rail, spirit level, camera release plate, high-quality processed aluminium and an extremely compact package are just some of the panoramic head's great features.
  • Three independently adjustable arms for VR images in all directions
  • Base with 360° rotation - with soft twist or 15° click stops
  • Arca Swiss-compatible base with 3/8" connector
  • Scales for each level allow settings to be recreated
  • Built-in spirit level for precise alignment